Marketing to baby boomersfinancial services for the 50+ market

Marketing to baby boomers is now more important than ever!


Since the 50+ demographic owns over 80% of all the personal wealth in North America's financial institutions, they are the best target group for financial services and investments. If you are marketing financial products such as mutual funds, annuities, RRIFs, or any other investment vehicle, your best and wealthiest clients will likely be over the age of 50.

Maturity Marketing can help you access this lucrative market with marketing and advertising strategies that will bring you solid results. We know what makes the mature market tick and understand the influences that helped shape the world-view of the various sub-groups of the 50+ market. We'll help you get the results you want from a market that's deeply committed to sound financial planning.

Insurance companies have discovered the mature market with insurance product tailored to the 50+ demographic. Why wouldn't they? People are on average healthier and live longer than their forebears did 20 years ago, which translates into long-term profits for insurers. Whether it's term life, automobile, travel or home insurance, the 50+ market represents a good risk.

See for yourself how the 50+ market figures most prominently: